Additional Lawn Services


This service physically removes a core of soil from your yard. This process is beneficial because it allows oxygen to the root system. When the rhizomes and stolons are cut while removing cores, new top growth will occur. Compacted soils are broken up allowing the root system to absorb the water and nutrients it needs. The thatch layer is opened and introduces microorganisms that will help reduce the thatch layer. This is very beneficial for compacted and thin yards. We recommend aeration be done from Spring to Fall for best results.

Tree and Shrub Feeding

Although most plants grow without human assistance in their naturally wild habitat, urban modifications to the landscape such as decline in forest density, drainage configuration, and subsoil fill alters this natural environment. Fertilizing plants supply nutrients to achieve

  • Increased shoot and root growth, flowering, or fruiting
  • Establishment of newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Enhanced foliage color and plant appearance
  • Correction of prevention of nutrient deficiencies

Disease Control

Lawn disease begins with a fungus which is a tiny plant that cannot produce their own food supply and depends on a host. More fungi are produced rapidly if conditions and food supply are favorable, killing the grass host quickly. Protecting the grass is your best defense and is accomplished by spraying the entire lawn with a lawn fungicide.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are aggressive, easily agitated, and bite and sting people, pets and livestock if you disturb their nests. These bites/stings may cause a burning sensation and form a white pustule that usually disappears after several weeks but may leave a permanent scar or become infected and require medical care. The fire ant management strategy employed at Anchor Pest Control include individual mound and area-wide broadcast treatments.



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