Lawn Care Program



Anchor Pest Control cares about your lawn. We work with you to improve and promote a healthy lawn. Our goal is teamwork and a healthier, more robust lawn is the result of this partnership.

A thorough lawn evaluation is conducted to identify:

  • Presence of broadleaf and grassy weeds
  • Presence of turf damaging insects
  • Presence of disease
  • Presence of thin or bare areas
  • What damage, if any, they've caused

Whether your lawn is brand new or has been established for many years, Anchor Pest Control provides a superior Lawn Management Program that will fit your needs. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy your green carpet service.

Why have a Lawn Care Program?

Our program is based on Best Management Practices (BMP) by the Green Industries, along with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach from scientific research. We've developed our program to promote and maintain a healthy lawn. Our lawn specialists are highly trained, professional, and the best in the business. Anchor Pest Control utilizes only the latest in technology focusing on new growth and prevention of turf damaging insects with methods that are effective yet environmentally friendly to people, pets, and our earth.

January through March - Services are focused on weed control and prevention

April through September - Services are focused on stimulating grass growth and weed/turf damaging insect control

October through December - Services are focused on weed control and prevention and winterization.

Weed Control

Weed control works by altering the growth of the plant. A weed that normally lives for years will start to diminish within 3-4 weeks after treatment. This includes most weeds. Some are more stubborn varieties which may require multiple applications to gain control. It also assumes normal weather conditions. Cooler temperatures and some moisture is needed to maximize effectiveness. Drought stressed weeds do not absorb herbicides effectively. Best results on control are achieved in the spring and fall when the weeds are more susceptible to herbicides.


A healthy lawn uses a great deal of energy. Your soil naturally supplies some nutrients that your lawn needs, but most soils are not able to provide all nutrients needed throughout the entire growing season. Fertilizer will help your lawn stay healthy and will promote new growth with a stronger root system.

Turf Damaging Insect Control

It is important to know the types of insects that cause damage to your lawn. The kind of control process and when to use it is different for each type of insect. There is a wide variety of insects that can cause damage to your lawn, a chewing insect and a piercing/sucking insect. Turf damaging insect control will help you enjoy a healthy lawn throughout the year.

I have always received outstanding service. — Howard S.