New Construction

Builders who focus on quality know it’s not just the finished product or what you can see that makes a quality structure. It also includes the planning, the foundation, the materials and the attention to detail. One very important detail is the selection of an effective termite treatment to protect the new structure.

Quality builders know that they can trust the experience and knowledge of Anchor Pest Control when it comes to termite treatment of their construction projects. Whether it is a single-family home or the largest of commercial buildings, they know Anchor will do it right. Anchor Pest Control has earned a superb reputation for their commitment to quality.

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Our Solution

When you’re building valuable homes on a thin margin and tight schedule, there’s only one termite protection product that makes sense. The Sentricon® Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology™ fits your needs perfectly and, best of all, homeowners prefer it*.

Why Choose Sentricon® with Always Active™?


  • Installed after final grade and landscaping are complete

No Delays

  • No delays due to weather or waiting on the spray truck

Conforms to Federal & State Codes

  • Listed with the International Code Council, National Evaluation Service, Inc. (NER 644) and HUD
  • Accepted as a stand-alone new construction treatment

Easy on the Environment

  • No personnel or site exposure
  • No potential for contamination, spills, or termiticide leakage on job site

Cost Effective

  • No costly re-treats due to disruption, weather or regrading

Professional Service

  • Only available through highly trained, authorized professionals

Proven Performance

  • Sentricon® with Always Active™ uses a proven cycle of monitoring and baiting by highly trained professionals which eliminates the entire colony
  • Doesn’t break down like liquid termiticides
  • The round green stations are a tangible, visible asset that differentiates a home and reinforces the home’s value

* Ipsos – Insight 2004

The Sentricon® System has protected nearly 2 million structures across the country including the White House, Statue of Liberty, and the Alamo. Don’t the homes you build deserve the same level of protection?

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We would not think of having our pest control needs handled by any other company. — Therman & Kimberly R.