Residential Pest Control

You don’t have to share your home with pests! Whether you can see them or not, pests are in your home and create the danger of disease. Anchor Pest Control’s superior pest control services protect you and your family from these unwanted house guests. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to apply these services throughout the inside and outside of your home without pesticide exposure to pets or people.

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Step 1 Inspection

A thorough initial inspection is conducted to identify which pests are present, how many there are, and what damage, if any, they have caused. Identifying pests is key to determining the best IPM strategy customized for your home and family.

Step 2 Monitoring

Our services are provided quarterly and are designed to match the seasonal behavior of insects and other pests. Each visit includes a thorough inspection and treatment of all possible pest entryways into your home. Our standard quarterly service includes value-added services such as spider web brushing.

  • Spring - The spring season brings new activity and insect emergence. On the exterior and interior of your home, baits are strategically placed to prevent these unwanted guests from moving in.
  • Summer - The warm summer months make people and pests very active. Pest populations increase significantly during these months. This is the time of our most aggressive exterior and interior control, and web removal. This is the time to kill the pests before they can multiply and spread germs and disease.
  • Fall - The fall months bring a welcome change in temperature, but this is also the time pests are looking for secret places to nest in your home. During these months, we continue with the baiting and treatments on the exterior of your home and we place pest monitors inside your home to detect pest activity before it can mushroom into a problem.
  • Winter - In the colder months, we maintain our preventative measures and continue with thorough inspections to locate nests, check monitors, utilize insect growth regulators, and dust all pest entry areas, including crawl spaces and weep holes.

Step 3 Treatment

Treatment options vary using a combination of cultural, physical, mechanical, and chemical pest management practices. Our technicians are trained on the latest technology methods so we can help protect your home without pesticide exposure to pets or people. If at any time in between our quarterly visits, the pests return, so will we, for FREE! 

Simply said - Anchor Pest Control’s residential services are simply the best, safest, most effective, most economical services available.

My technician is always prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. — Howard S.